Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 13 November 2017

DKK Riflemen

These are the repainted riflemen from the accidental large lot I purchased some time ago.  Now the plasma guns are unfinished, they still need two drybrushes with increasingly pale blue.

The Lt, his power fist a conversion by his previous owner.  I sort of like the way it hangs, he's carrying it as if it is heavy, as if he has to keep it away from his body incase it goes off.   Whilst we're on the subject has anyone who has ever done MA or re-enactment ever given any thought to how a power fist might be used by an iggie ?  It would seem straightforward for a space marine, less so for a guardsman..... (?)

Sgt waving chainsword.  Another bonkers hang over from the Sunbeam Rd version of GW.  There's a reason these things are tools for cutting wood, not weapons for chopping up people.  Just how fast would these things have to spin to be efficacious ?

Plasma and flamers

Once again, quite fun and reasonably quick to do.

And not too many conversions here, either.

Gonna need some more Chimerae to ferry these guys around in.  Not on parade here are the QM, his tally man and the platoon standard.  All of which need a bit more work.

yep, that flamer is missing it's fuel canister.  Every time I got to him doing another stage I though 'Oh I must put him aside and get him a fuel canister...' Oh well.


  1. These look like dedicated guardians of the Brick of Scrutiny.

  2. Against the most common opponent (marines) Iggies are going last anyways, so there's really no drawback to having a powerfist in HTH aside from the point cost. That said, from a fluff point of view, it could just be the squad's breaching weapon.

  3. I’m sure if fitted with a Power Fist, it comes with an under armour support brace for shoulder and torso, the power field does the work more than the mass of the Fist as I understand, but the inevitable recoil would likely rip your arm off if not braced? Look great, muddy, grime, steel Warriors!

  4. Used to have a similar discussion when we played Cyberpunk2020 as a lad regarding cyber limbs. Yeah they are stronger and more resilient but that doesnt mean the rest of the non cyber body is.

    Still like this scheme. Gritty and practical, well, about as practical as 40k gets.

  5. I like that they don't seem to be just charging. If a suggestion isn't out-of-order, might I suggest that you consider an alternate color than black for the edge of their bases? There's already so many earth tones in the color palette of their uniforms, how about try a lighter green or red-grey? Or a muted orange? Maybe it would set up some contrast or tension.