Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Cadian 466th Armd Fd Ambulance.

Now I'm sure a lot of you remember Col Corbane's excellent medical conversions who must have been a great comfort to the Corbanian 1st (Urban Assault) Regt.  Seen here supporting the extremely costly assault on the Cudlip Lines.  

Always a joy to behold.  

Who doesn't a little bit of FNP to share out amongst their iggies ?  So I thought I'd better get some medicae support for the rest of the army: 

Gamely, one could just sprinkle them over the army so that they alight on platoons across their formation and satisfy the need of the rules and reminiscent of attached persons who are deployed with units for specific functions like medic, intel or signaller, where the capacity doesn't exist in the unit organically.

However, in my mind, these guys are in a Armoured Field Ambulance unit - so these guys with a driver would crew the army's battlefield ambulances.  Called forward by sub unit medics to retrieve casualties from the battlefield, they would then keep the casualty alive until they reached the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, which would be staffed by Departmento Munitorium Medicae staff, rather than actual iggies,

The eagle eyed amongst you may have already sussed out that there are sergeants and toilet roll wielding papier mache technicians.  So these guys are in pairs already.  Ably painted up by Admiral Drax.

So realistically, I don't need to make a fleet of ambulances for these guys as they should be embedded in platoons to fit with the rules.  However, I may do just one.  Y'know, just to illustrate...


  1. Amazing details with that Field Ambulance.

  2. I think you should definitely do a field ambulance! A converted slightly Chimera looks wonderful.

  3. Nee nar, nee nar.
    Hope when it drives on to the table the appropriate sound effects are used

  4. Nice touch to bring some more character to the army.

  5. Col. Corbane is The Terrain Tutor on youtube now :D

  6. Love the med tent scene.Fantastic work.

  7. This is something that I have thought about doing for a long time. I love the idea and it is a must have. As for rules - blow that - it just stifles creativity. I don't know if this link will work... The point is that it doesn't need to be a complicated conversion to look the part. ;)


  8. I am not sure I would want a medic with a skull as a memento. Awesome miniatures!

  9. Wonderful stuff.

    Stretched Taurox as a field ambulance please.

  10. That's a good call for a Taurox ambulance - it'd look sweet but I reckon you'd need a hydraulic lift to hoist casualties up into it!

    Oh, and I love the way that green 'pops'!