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Friday, 14 August 2009


Some of friends may believe me to be a luddite. But I have jumped into the information age and created a blog. After I created it, it decided that I needed to sign into it via goggle, rather than blogger itself. Sometimes when I click 'sign in' it does sign me stright in (with out me having to put my password in). Which surely it should not do ? I have never clicked the 'keep me signed in forever' button. Similarly, it sometimes does not let me sign in; failing to recognise the password. Now, even at my advanced years, I can remember the password for my blog. Obviously blogger/goggle cannot, so I have to go through the password reset pantomime.

These two things happen about 50/50. So far it has not yet just asked me for my password, and then on receipt of the correct password, just let me in.

And then there is the question of blog relevance. I suspect that some people will randomly come across this and read a bit and then disregard it. I have no idea even if the intended audience (of three) will read it. I should imagine that there are not really many blogs that are followed by that many persons; the blogs tend to contain the sort of information that used to be exchanged down the pub. The same with arsebook. And twitter ? Surely anyone who twitters enough to make it worthwhile is so busy twittering that they arn't actually doing anything worth twittering about ? If these people really were interesting, they'd be doing something that left no time for twitter. If people who spend all day on arsebook actually had any friends, then they wouldn't be glued to a computer for their entire lives.

Perhaps this is why hoodies are so intimidating; they are doing something real. They are in touch with their friends, all hanging out together in shopping precincts. Practicing their social as well as anti social skills. Perhaps.

And whilst we're on IT. Who really thinks that this 'cloud' thingy is a good idea ? If your data is out there in psyberspace then you are not the only person with access to it. And you are not the person in control of it's maintenance and stability. Whoever owns it could just wait until you cannot do without it and then turn it off. Or hold all of your data to ransom.

At least if your data is on your memory stick in your pocket then no-one else can get it. Unless they mug you. And it's not any less accessable for being on a stick. You still need the same hardwear to access the cloud as you would data carried around in your pocket. It is quite obviously and blatantly less secure.

And three cheers for MS calling their version 'azure' rather than cloud, "because there no clouds over Seattle, only clear blue skies". humm. Is this true ? Do they not realise that the implication of a blue sky is that there is nothing there ? ie there is no data ? So all of the data going into it is not being saved at all. Are all IT people incapable of thinking like a normal person ?

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