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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Under the Sea. (nothing to do with the post, it's just work)

This picture is hardboard and a couple of peices of sheet expanded polystyrene. Despite lots of terrain building articles saying how common this commodity is, I have not found this to be the case. Neither Do-it-all, Travis Perkins, Wickes, Homesbase, Sheffield Insulations nor Gibbs and Dandy stock it. So I'm not sure where the terrain builders of the world are getting it from. This lot was from Ikea. The figure is a 1st edition guardsman.

The picture below is the same piece with a layer of filler and sand and a lick of grey paint. These were done over a year ago and have had some more work done on them, but like all of my stuff, are still not finished.

Moving on:

Last night I began work on a GW Talos and PP Harrower. I think the Harrower makes for an excellent stand in Talos. It has a huge mean looking claw, pointy legs and that soul cage cannon can eaily pass for twin linked splinter cannons. With a decent paint job it will look sinsiter enough. I actually think it looks more sinsiter than the Talos. Uhu and paper clips will hold it all together, I'm sure.
I also found four GW Incubi in the DE box, so I stuck them together as well. And the free Nob and Termie from WD when Black Reach was launched. The Termie can sub for the Inqusitrix in an Apoc game or something. I've had another look at the Trumpeter 1/35 Piranha. This will be the Inquisition pimped ride. But the undercarriage looks so complex ! I suppose I've been spoilt by the GW tanks, which, lets face it, you can construct wearing mittens. Although I'd not recocmmend it; I do have one very wobbly chimera.
About Blogger: I have now figured out that the way to use this is to upload the photos and then write the words, it'd be a bit easier. Also, when it comes to labelling the blog entries, I have the urge to label every post "scooters, holidays, autumn".

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