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Friday, 21 August 2009

I spent the morning looking at Cathodic Protection possibilities.

Here's another Oruro invention for submission to God for approval:

Rod of Static Charge

This is a 9" rod about half an inch wide, semi-translucent dirty yellow, and a special woollen glove that is used to hold it, and a similar sleeve to store it It is charged by rubbing it vigorously on the skin of a live (or only recently dead) mythical cat. Up to 4 charges can be held. Any contact with anything except the glove and sleeve results in a lightning-bolt equivalent discharge to whatever is being touched. When charged it has a tendency to spontaneously discharge; every day the DM rolls a d100, and if 0-23 is rolled that is the hour in which it will do so, preferably at the most inconvenient moment. When it was first made it had 2 charges and the first went off in his pocket. The second time it went off it was in what Oruro calls his 'bomb bay', a reinforced metal box in his lab. Oruro is confident he will at some point work out how to charge it by placing it on the roof of a building during a lightening storm, but he thinks he'll also need about a hundred meters of copper cable to do so.

S'okay. This might make it into play. Two things to bear in mind:

1. An item like this will take time to research, let alone construct. And you're currently mid way through a fight at the Dread Pagoda of the Inscruitable Ones. And their Beholder chums.

2. Nymraith is your PC who invents things. Oruro stands very little chance of successfully making anything, let alone a magic item.

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  1. Yes dammit I was concentrating on the gadget not the people, and I may have had a few jars.

    Indeed this should go in "the things that Nymraith turns up with the next time he leaves the lab". Note that most of them are intended to be effectively useless, or are as dangerous to the wielder as the foe, and so should make little change to the game balance but add some possibly amusing play.

    If Nym produces one of these from his backpack during the current engagement for example, it's just a short semi-transparent stick.

    - Martin