Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Second try: What you can see here is a row of LRMBT. The one on the right is an "eradicator" varient - the eradicator cannon fires an unstable sub munitition or something. Behind them is a row of twenty chaos warhounds. A good (cheap) fast attack choice a heretics & renegades army. Behind the chaos warhounds and LR Eradicator are ten rough riders; Eight explosive tipped lances, a flamer and a melta gun.

Behind them are three scout sentinals. To the left are two platoons of three squads. All of these assets belong to 'The Tigers'

The back row are heavy weapons (auto cannon and mortar teams) these belong to 'the Bloodcoats'. No progress this weekend - just a picture.

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