Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

For your benefit, Millima.

I thought this might help:

IG - Imperial Guard
DE - Dark Edlar (no no no! Dark Eldar - ed)
SM - Spaze Mhureen
AC - Auto Cannon
LC - Laser Cannon
HB - Heavy Bolter
TL - Twin Linked - this proves improved performance in the game mechanics.
LR - Land Raider (the MBT of the SM)
LRBT - The vanillia Leman Russ (the MBT of the IG)
LRD - A Leman Russ Demolisher. Quite obviously an AVRE
LRV - Leman Russ Vanquisher - an MBT with an adequate ranged main weapon
LRA - Leman Russ Anihilator - mounts TL LC instead of a 'battle cannon'.
HH - Hell Hound. A Chimera with a flame thrower of epic proportions
CH - Chaos Hound - a canine from hell. Not a "hell hound", 'cause that is a tank QED.
Chimera - the IFV of the IG
RR - Rough Riders - cavalry
CC - Close Combat
DKK - Death Korps of Krieg - a flavour of IG
IST - Imperial Storm Troopers - another flavour of IG
Vostroyan First born - another flavour of IG
Valhallan Ice Warriors - another flavour of IG
Cadians - GWs 'default' flavour IG
ASL - Ammegedon Steel Legion - another flavour of IG
Devos IV - Our campaign world. Made up by me
Devos 99th Infantry Regt - Rebels. "the Blood Coats".
Devos 13th Mech Regt - Rebels. "the Tigers".
PDF - Planetary Defence Force.
ScC - Shuriken Cannon (an Eldar weapon)
BL - Bright Lance (an Eldar weapon)
StC - Star Cannon (an Eldar weapon)
SL - Scatter Laser (an Eldar weapon)
DL - Darl Lance (a DE weapon) (no no no ! Dark Lance)
Raider - DE transport
Ravager - DE tank
Talos - DE terror-machine
Falcon - Eldar tank
(Wave) Serpent - Eldar transport
(Fire) Prism - Eldar tank with FO huge laser.

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