Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Today I will be auditing the oversized excavation.

This photo (a herd of Wraithlords [I'm not sure that "Herd is the correct collective for WraithLords]) was taken a few weeks ago. Gareth from Wargames Empire (there are two Gareths at Wargames Empire) asked if I could photograph the things I build. If you look at the interweb retail sites, you'll see that (at the time of writing) all of the pictures have gone. GW have stopped on line retailers from using the (GW) library images.

Which means that all of the sites will now be in a mad rush to obtain suitable pictures. Surely this runs the risk of GW products being sold on the basis of construction, painting and overall finish of someone of say, my ability ? ie not really all that good (three colours is good enough ;) ) Surely GW, giving it a moments thought, would want their products illustrated and advertised by photos of examples prepared by the 'Eavy Metal workshop ? Then all of the sites selling GW product (which, lets remember, is still £,$ & Euros in GW's coffers) would be showcasing the same high standard; GW would know that the products were being presented as they wished, not as someone else imagined them.

So, shelving for the moment for idea that GW have just stopped the use of these pictures in order to sell one more example of every item (to the on line retailers to have painted & photographed to advertise, oh let me see... those very GW products). This could be seen as the 'corporate giant' (of this hobby, anyway) relinquishing a little control to the participants. So that, perhaps in the future, most of the products are sold using pictures prepared by something other than GW itself. So that more and more, people casually looking at (40K) will see it how hobbyists see it; providing more variety than 'straight' GW depictions.
So then, last night I put five Chaos Warhounds togeather. Not a lot, but in the face of a work BBQ, ok I suppose.

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