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Friday, 14 August 2009

More stuff through the post

These fellows are Devos IV 99th PDF Regt "The Blood Coats". Cadians with FW Heretic and Renegade torsos. I put another Raider together and found some arms for one of the Ravager gunners. I should put together the other Ravager, using the gunners arms from the other Ravager to finish the first one and leaving me where I am now (a Ravager with one armless gunner) but advanced by one completed Ravager. Then when I do get around to the outstanding twenty DE warriors, they'll be enough space armage to finish him off. Hurrah !

Moving on, being a little bored by endless DE warriors, I've going to start on the Chimera pile. There are at least ten to do. So I'll see how long I can stand Chimera production for.

My parcel ? The balance of my Chimera order from Wargames Empire.

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